DocuSign Integration

DocuSign® Integration

SendPPM offers full integration with DocuSign to help clients keep transactions digital and manage e-signatures seamlessly from within our platform. Integrated eSignature services with DocuSign and SendPPM are designed to save client's time and money by eliminating the need for paper copies and related time consuming tasks (i.e. printing, faxing, etc.) making this a perfect partnership. Read more...

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New Application Interface

SendPPM has proudly served a variety of industries for over 9 years. Everyday, thousands of people depend on SendPPM to access thousands of files while keeping confidential information safe and in the right hands. The SendPPM platform offers a wide variety of selectable features in a new easy-to-use interface with best-in-class security.

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Tracking Reports

With SendPPM's audit tracking reports, an administrator can see all the steps an individual has taken in the data room from the time they login until they logout. SendPPM's tracking reports are comprehensive and are also included with the data room archive ensuring FINRA compliance.

Private Placement Memo Tracking Report

Dynamic Confidential Watermark

SendPPM offers a customizable dynamic confidential watermark that displays on each page of PDF documents. Whether the document is viewed on screen, downloaded or printed, the watermark will be there to enable you to track which user accessed the document. Fields used in the watermark can be customized by the administrator along with the placement, color and font style of the watermark.