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The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is an essential document, because it provides investors with the data they will need to make investment decisions and includes the actual documentation to effect the investment transaction. PPMs are designed as a stand-alone document - meaning that there they contain all the information an investor will need to make an investment decisions.

Often not just the private placement memorandum is included; business plans, audio/video clips, PowerPoint presentations, news articles and other due diligence information can be included along with the PPM as supporting documentation. This is an acceptable practice so long as the information in these documents properly corresponds with the information in the PPM, and that the investor is made aware that the supporting documents alone do not constitute an offer of securities - only the PPM can make that offer.

Sample Data Room Solutions for Private Placements

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According to the safe harbor exemption of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 and the requirements of the “Blue Sky Laws”, general solicitation or advertisement cannot be used in conjuction with a private placement memorandum (or any private solicitation of an investment). To comply with these restrictions our Private Placment Memorandum Distribution provides a secure website (a virtual data room) that contain other safeguards that limit access only to “accredited” prospective investors. Our online PPM distribution meets the security requirements and, as a third party service provider, offers a considerable time and cost saving alternative to the back office/administrative duties of printing, numbering, shipping and reporting.

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